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Introducing Academies Esports Canada

As President and Founder of Academies Esports Canada, I welcome you to our new website.

Academies Esports Canada is the consecration of a long-term project initiated three years ago through the Montreal Esports Academy and l’Académie Esports de Québec, and intended to provide a framework to supervise esports activities through educational programs and training services for young competitive video games enthusiasts.

Since 2018, we have been developing the first esports school programs and solidifying our position in Québec schools. We are the instigator of the world’s first esports concentration program and have also developed accredited courses and numerous extracurricular activities, which are already in effect in Québec and Ontario schools. We have also developed training programs for esports coaches adapted to a younger audience and sensitive to the issues underlying the preponderance of digital technology in society. We are driven by three concepts that constitute the pillars of our philosophy : supervision, education and prevention. Our mission is to train future cyber-athletes, but above all to provide young players a structure that allows them to engage in their passion, while promoting academic success and making them aware of the potential issues related to this activity: screen time, online behaviour, addiction, etc. Our priority is to promote healthy habits in order to develop accomplished and fulfilled individuals.

As of today, Academies Esports Canada becomes the parent organization of all local academies. This website is intended primarily for decision-makers in education, as well as for investors and business leaders who wish to address the challenges of a highly digital society through turnkey solutions aimed at the millions of young video game and electronic sport enthusiasts around the world. This page is therefore intended to present our services and is also your main point of contact with our organization and our members.

In this blog, you will be able to follow the organisation’s progress and important announcements related to it, as well as our thoughts and criticisms regarding the situation of esport in the world and its development in the educational field.

We are currently working on many projects that we will unveil soon. I invite you to follow us actively on LinkedIn and on Twitter, as well as to visit the Montreal Esports Academy website to follow our local activities and initiatives.

Thank you for your support and interest in our initiative.


Patrick Pigeon, President and Founder of Academies Esports Canada

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